Cover photography by Ruth Jones for The Leprosy Mission
The Challenge
The Leprosy Mission diagnoses, treats and offers specialist care to leprosy patients. They are an established charity with a long history, keen to stay afloat in a digital world. Recognising the need for a website redesign, the charity enlisted the help of The Developer Society
Their existing site was content-heavy, dated, and did not align to their most recent brand guidelines. In addition, they had worked hard to build a library of photography that focused on the positive and empowering aspects of their work and wanted to make full use of these online.
The Approach
After defining a set of MVP wireframes, The Developer Society brought me onboard to translate The Leprosy Mission’s branding into digital form, and to take the project from wireframes through to developer hand-over.
I worked through the client’s reference points, making notes on layout and typography, colour and image usage, and specific features; reviewed their brand guidelines and current print assets; and based on this research produced two distinct creative routes.
I presented both to the client, who discussed the designs with their stakeholders and fed back. I then incorporated that feedback into the final creative direction and rolled the stylings across all wireframe designs. At the same time, I created a detailed style guide and block reference sheet for the front-end developers to ensure a smooth hand-over.

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