International Innovation is a scientific research publication produced by Research Media (part of the Emerald Publishing Group). I worked as an in-house designer for the magazine for 3 years. During this time we redesigned and iterated upon the magazine format, overhauling the grid system, brand fonts, masthead and article formats. Here are examples of layout and cover designs I created for the magazine. 
photo collage of basketball hoop and sun

Article design and collage illustration for an interview with the Director-General for Research and Innovation at the European Commission

Horizon 2020
Many of the research projects we covered were funded by the European Commission funding initiative, Horizon 2020. Pictured here is the design and illustration for a 4-page interview with the Director-General for Research and Innovation at the European Commission. In this interview, he gives researchers advice on submitting a successful Horizon 2020 funding proposal. I chose to illustrate the article by creating a photomontage, playing with ideas of success, goal scoring and the horizon.
Magazine covers

Cover designs for Road to Discovery, Outside the Box, Science Friction, and Research & Rescue

Thematic Issues
The magazine published a range of content types (such as research articles, insight opinion and pieces, and infographics) across thematic issues. Pictured here are the cover designs for the Research Impacts issue 162, North American Research issues 144 and 180, and Global Healthcare issue 147, as well as a selection of page designs from various issues.
page design with illustration of red blood cells

Red blood cells and Chagas disease

photo collage of hands holding DNA and scissors

Gene editing with genetic sciccors

article page designs

Page designs for 'Thirst for Life' opinion piece and Doug Cram's research piece on forest management and fire ecology

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