The Challenge
Each year the graduating class of MA Innovation Management self-directs and produces an exhibition and ‘conference’ housed within the Central Saint Martin’s degree show. This is the course’s final group project and students are assessed on their performance both as a group and individually.
Project Goals
- Showcase individual work in a coherent group show, 
- Engage and make connections with industry.
Decision-making, organisational structure, communication, time-management, other individual deadlines, push-back from stakeholders
Process and Outcome
My role
Director (Project Management Team)
Other team members
Ann-Marie Newton, Producer, and Emma Prevost, Care Manager
Wider project team
• Brand and marketing team: Vincent Aidoo, Katherine Simpson, Priyashi Mehta, Kriti Dhiman, Sean Taher; 
• Development team: Dagmara Bachirova, Hannah Alexander-Wright, Komal Mangu, Hyunjung Choi, Qianping Yin; 
• Design team: Melody Li, Rachana Dhanraj, Hwajin Kim, Chanoknant Snidvongs Na Ayudhya, Yichun Zhu; 
• Production team: Daisuke Wakamiya, Lina Stallmann, Viktoria Wittek, Disha Singh, Mingjie Jiang;
• Events team.
My responsibilities 
Creative direction / Designed and led co-creative ideation workshops / Worked closely with Brand and Design teams to oversee the creative / Project management / Stakeholder communication / Reshaping workshop activity design and facilitation
October/November: 1st brief - come up with and pitch 3 concepts (deadline - 14th Nov)

Ideation Workshop based on theory from 'Gamestorming' (open, explore, close). 

Ideation workshop outcomes.
Concepts centred around moving through the space, action, visitor involvement/co-creation, tools and methods

February onwards: Organised ourselves into disciplinary teams, worked our concepts into one direction to develop. Iterative project work, weekly progress reviews.

Slides from weekly progress reviews

The Movements
The Chameleon: Moves by taking on various forms to match its surroundings. Found in Human-centred design, Personas and Ethnography.
The Hinge: Joins two things together, pivoting, part static and part moving. Found in Co-creation, Systems-thinking, and Ideation.
The Kite: Scans the topography of the landscape and its context, past and present to generate a strategy. Found in Forecasting, Strategy, and Analysis. 
The Loop: Thinks deeply and carefully, bending back and looping round, constantly moving. Found in Leadership, Prototyping, and Reflective Practice.
The Magnet: Both attracts and repels, keeping equilibrium. Found in Critical thinking, Decision-making, and Ideation. 
The Pixel: All about the detail, focusing on a minute area of illumination. Found in Ethnography, Analysis, and Human-centred design.
The Star: Creates, shapes, forms and moulds. Found in Ideation, Prototyping, and Design-thinking.
The Pollinator: Tends and cultivates, checking that the conditions are optimal before repeating the process. Found in Management, Leadership, Decision-making.
May: Detailed schematic plans
June: The show and industry workshop
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