The Protagonist

Illustration & Layout

The Protagonist is a quarterly membership magazine produced by Research Media for the Association of Research Managers and Administrators (ARMA). The design utilises 'Futura' and 'The Serif', a font paring that is both classic and contemporary; as well as a bespoke horizontal grid and architechtural dividers.

The original 'look and feel' of the magazine was designed in-house for Research Media by designer Suzie Eland. For the following pieces, I read and interpreted the profession-based subject matter to create striking imagery that was at the same time creative, and in line with the orginal pitch.

Different sections of the magazine are denoted by a strict color palette of the ARMA brand green and a small selection of complementary colours.

The subject matter covered in this selection surrounds measuring the impact of academic research, export controls, gender initiatives, technology and big data.

Produced by Research Media