Achieving Excellence in Education

Illustration & Editorial Design

In this 4 page article, Education Psychologist and US Dean of Education, Camilla Benbow, discusses the everchanging educational system and the importance of educating both student and teacher to advance learning styles, tools, growth and development. I chose to create 3 illustrations, combining them across the first spread, but also showing them as cut-to-white insets within the main body of text. The headers, standfirst and pullquote I set in Agenda, a simple but quirky font, that I feel matches the illustration style.

The parts of the article I chose to highlight are; "From the outside, education can still look much the same as it did when Plato was teaching in the Academy"; "TALENT POOL: Students who are strong in STEM must be able to move through curricula at a fast pace" and "Children who show a desire to tinker with things should be given opportunities to do so. We have learned that spatial intelligence - the ability to think about objects either in isolation or in relation to other objects - is one of the great untapped pools for STEM talent".

Published in International Innovation (2016)